Weaving Extravaganza 2023


Whether you love to weave or would like to try it for the first time, our “Weaving Extravaganza,” might be called the weaver’s candy store. Starting on June 1st, twelve floor looms will be available, pre-warped and ready to weave in varied and interesting projects, fibers, and colors. Weaving Extravaganza  will run for eight weeks, starting on Thursday, June 1st through Saturday, July 29th.
We will change out colors and projects as we go, so follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/homesteadfibercrafts/ as we post the changes.

All you do is call us to reserve your date(s), time(s) and project(s); and put half down to reserve your spot(s). The balance and materials fee will be paid when you finish your project. You will then have a beautiful handwoven piece (or pieces) of your own making.  Call (254) 300-2436 or email us at info@homesteadfibercrafts.com to reserve your spot.

Fiber Crafts is part of Homestead Craft Village,  www.homesteadcraftvillage.com/ located 5 minutes off of I-35 just north of downtown Waco. When you’re finished weaving you can visit the shops in the craft village and have lunch or enjoy a piece of homemade pie and ice cream at Café Homestead. They are also open for dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening.

The new Cafe will be open mid – June with some new outdoor additions so you may enjoy a look around when you come.

Cost per project:

Half Day – $50.00 (plus materials cost) All Day – $100 (plus materials cost)

Class Dates: (Monday through Saturday):
June 1 – 3, 5 – 10, 12 – 17, 19 – 24*, (*Morning session only for the 24th.)


June 26 – July 1

July 3 – 8, 10 – 15, 17 – 22, 24 – 29

Class Hours:             Half Day   9:00 – 1:00 or 2:00 – 6:00
                                   All Day     9:00 – 5:30




There is usually sewing, knot tying or fringe twisting required to complete your project after it comes off the loom. You can choose to finish it at home or if you would rather, our sewing service can do it for you. Ask us for our price sheet.

We take the projects off the looms at the end of each week. If you are here when we cut them off you can take them home. Otherwise, we will mail them to you the following week or you can come back and pick them up. Flat rate shipping $15.00.

If we finish your projects it can take up to four weeks for you to receive them. We try to send them out as soon as possible but sometimes there is a high volume of sewing.

**Projects marked with an asterisk can be woven by anyone, even if you have never touched a loom! These looms all have the option for a very beginner and for a more advanced weaver also. 


**Colorful Cotton Washcloth: If you are not sure that you have a half day to try weaving but still want to give it a whirl, this washcloth can be woven in 30 minutes or less. The loom is set up with fun textured yarns and you will choose your weft color and texture to weave with. Natural colored cotton is also an option. (4 shafts, 2 treadles)

1 Hour – $12.50                                                                
Estimated cost of materials: $6.00 per wash cloth (At least 2 can be done in 1 hour.)


**Mystery Scarf Loom – We have lots of different yarns and patterns that we have done and would like to try. So instead of just picking one and changing the colors only we will try them all. Follow us on Instagram to see what the new scarf will be each week. The patterns will range from a cotton/linen huck variation to a herringbone color fade and much more. We will also have one using Homestead raised wool. (4 shafts, 2-4 treadles)

Half Day
Estimated cost of materials $30 – $75

**“Grown in the Field” Cotton Dish Towel in Natural Colored Cotton – These natural cotton colors are the actual colors produced by the cotton plants themselves. The waffle weave threading makes a doubly absorbent, 16” x 26” dish towel, woven with beautiful sustainable cotton. This cotton is grown and processed with 94% fewer pesticides and herbicides.  These muted earth tones of cream, green and brown make a beautiful, absorbent towel. The striped warp can be woven as is (this is also great for the beginner) or as an interesting plaid in either plain weave or a waffle weave. (Or M’s and O’s when we change the warp.) (4 shafts, 5 treadles)

Half Day 
Estimated materials fee:  $15.00 – 3/2 Cotton, $10.00 – 10/2 Cotton

**Chenille Scarf – This soft, easy to weave rayon chenille scarf is warped in a variety of color combinations. You can weave it in a stripe pattern or for more of a challenge as a plaid (plaid design will vary from week to week). Approximate size is 10” x 72”. (4 shafts, 2 treadles)

Half Day                                                                  
Estimated cost of materials:  $45.00


**Stash Buster Loom – This loom will be set up with a variety of projects to use up our giant stash of yarns! Projects will range from colorful tote bags and fun pillows to purses and table runners and more. Once a warp is finished it won’t be back on. Follow us on Instagram to see what the next warp will be. (4 shafts, 2-6 treadles)

Half Day
Estimated cost of materials $10 – $60


**Textured Shawl/Textured Pillow – This textured, cotton boucle shawl (80” x 20”) is woven on a warp of cotton, bamboo and textured rayon yarns. This weave is easy and the soft drape of the shawl is wonderful to wear! For your weft you may choose natural (off white) or from a variety of colors in bamboo and hand-paint wool and more. A great first project. You also can choose to make a textured pillow with your fabric instead of a shawl. One weaver even made a tote bag. (4 shafts, 2 treadles)

Half Day
Estimated cost of materials (shawl) – $55.00 – $110.00, (pillow) – $20-$45

**Rep Weave Runner, Trivet or Placemat – Rep weave is a warp faced weave, you cannot see the yarn you weave with only the lengthwise threads. If you’ve never done it before this is a fun way to learn. It can be woven as a table runner, placemats or a trivet. You could weave 2-6 different trivets with different patterns in half a day. For the first time weaver, you will weave with one shuttle and it will have small checks. We have several designs we will be doing so follow us on Instagram to see what’s coming next.  (4-8 shafts, 2-6 treadles)

Half Day /All Day
Estimated cost of materials – Runner $0.55-$0.75 per inch, Trivets $7.00-$11.00, Placemat $13.00-$20.00

**Dish Towel or Hand Towel – Try your hand at weaving a towel, for a beginner or the advanced weaver. Each time the loom is set up with about 12-24 towels and when the warp is finished we will put on a new kind of towel. This will give you an opportunity to try weaving a variety of patterns and colors. The first warp will be a Simply Check variation. (4 shafts, 2-6 treadles)

Half Day
Estimated cost of materials $12 – $16


**Rag Rug – Our loom for rag rugs is warped in a four-shaft Rosepath pattern to give you several design options. This tie-up also makes it possible to weave in plain weave, which is easy to weave for any beginner. You may purchase our precut rags in a wide variety of colors or bring your own. If you use your own rags, call for directions on how to prepare them. (4 shafts, 6 treadles)

Half Day /All Day
Estimated cost of materials – $0.30 an inch – you bring rags for weft
$1.50 an inch – warp and weft

Dobby Loom Towel – This is for the advanced weaver. Try your hand at weaving a cotton towel on our 16 shaft dobby loom. The pattern is programmed into a box on the side of the loom and you only have two treadles to use. Each time you press the treadles the box on the side lifts a different sequence of shafts. (16 shafts, 2 treadles)

Half Day
Estimated cost of materials $15


Drawloom Hand Towel or Sample Piece – Try your hand at weaving on a drawloom using up to 48 pattern shafts. Weave a towel choosing from a variety of patterns, practice designs on a half day sample piece, or just have fun using 16/2 cotton or 16/1 linen wefts. The background threads will be white. (48 pattern shafts, 6 ground shafts)

Half Day/All Day
Estimated cost of materials: $0.30/in. – cotton weft, $0.60/in. – linen weft


Rep Weave Rug

Rep weave is a warp faced weave, where you only see the lengthwise threads. This rug is warped with bright fiesta colors, you will use two shuttles and eight treadles to make this colorful piece.

8 shafts, 8 treadles

Half Day/All Day



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