Skills such as spinning, weaving, and knitting were routinely handed down from generation to generation, which enabled family members of all ages to work together on a daily basis to make cloth for clothes and household items out of the cotton, flax and wool they produced.

The Ploughshare offers classes on knitting or crocheting as well as on weaving (both on a floor loom and on a simple rigid heddle loom), on spinning various fibers (cotton, flax, wool) using either a simple drop spindle, support spindle, or a wheel. Our classes are unique in the sense that they offer a complete curriculum and not just individual classes focusing on isolated projects. The goal is not only to teach the basic skills but to bring students to a point where they are free to practice their craft at home at an advanced level without instruction, and to use the knowledge they have gained either to pursue a rewarding hobby, to develop a self-sustaining lifestyle or, even, to begin a cottage industry.

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